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SADAD Bahrain launches a major cash promotion

SADAD, the leading electronic payment company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has launched major promotions for its valued customers and clients with daily, weekly and monthly cash prizes, when using any of SADAD payment systems during the period from May 24 to July 28, where the customer or client enters the prize draw automatically and has the chance to win a daily prize of $100 (40 winners) or a weekly prize of $250 (8 winners), or a monthly prize of $500 (winners 2), an additional monthly prize of $1,000 (winner 1), and a grand prize at the end of the campaign worth $2000 (winner 1).
The winners are selected through a random drawing system at the headquarters of SADAD and under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. SADAD then contacts the winners to inform them of their winnings.
In May, 8 winners were drawn with the daily prize of $100, and they are: Nagman Elias Elias, Hassan Ali Mansour, Naveed Shah Dad, Muhammad Khalfan Al-Sulaimi, Iman Omar Ibrahim, Saleh Abdullah, Khalil Ibrahim Ali and Fawaz Muhammad Hilal. In June, 13 winners were drawn with the daily prize of $100, and they are: Bahubendra Shakya, Ali Arif Salman, Issa Hussain Ali, Syed Muhammad Noor, Zaytoun Majeed Salih, Muhammad Hassan Murad, Syed Hashim Abdullah, Ahmad Hassan Ahmad, Fatima Muhammad Ali, Kalingal Govindan, Chandran and Shabeer Kinanovath. Two winners were drawn for the weekly prize for the month of June of $250, and they are: Entisar Rashid Boqahoos and Qassem Abdullah Mahdi. One winner was drawn for the monthly prize for the month of June of $500, and he is: Muhammad Roshan Punathil.
There are still opportunities to win for everyone. The more you use SADAD payment channels to pay, the more chances you have of winning one of the valuable cash prizes. We wish everyone good luck in this promotion and invite you to follow SADAD accounts on social media sites Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel to know about all the new services, competitions and promotions coming up.

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