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Sadeem Signs Agreement with SADAD

Bapco’s Sadeem signed an agreement with SADAD, The agreement aims to use SADAD network (self-service kiosks, app & online express payments services) across the kingdom as payment channels for Sadeem customers. The agreement also aims at improving the service offered to Sadeem customers and providing them with convenience and safe payment options. SADAD Kiosks are available in more than 850 locations across the kingdom. The service is to be used for topping up Sadeem cards. Present at the ceremony from Bapco were Mr. Khalid Buhazza – General Manager Marketing, Mr. Bader Aldoseri – Manager Local Marketing, Mrs. Aisha Mukhtar – Supt CBU & Local Sales, Mr. Mohamed Janahi - CBU, and Mr. Taleb Hasan - CBU. Attendees from SADAD included Dr. Rifat Mohamed Kashif, Board Member and Mr. Noel Silveira - Business Development Director

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